This Model Is Confusing Internet With Her Striking Resemblance To Katrina Kaif

The lookalikes of Bollywood actors have always turned the heads and accumulated attention. Some have made a name for themselves by doing short roles in films and on television. Some others have gone on to play lead roles, like Aishwarya Rai’s lookalike Sneha Ullal did with the film Lucky. However, these doppelgangers have largely lost to make it big.

But wait, this might change soon as another famous actress’ doppelganger has arrived in the scene. Model & actress Saloni Chopra looks a lot like Bollywood diva Katrina Kaif.

Their strikingly alike looks will, in truth, leave you amazed. Saloni hasn’t got any big project in her bag as yet, but by the looks of her, it seems she is intended to find important work in near future, and we sincerely hope it is not just due to her resemblance to Katrina.

For now, check out her pics and recognize the comparison yourself.

Meet Saloni Chopra

Meet Saloni Chopra....

Check the next slides to see that Saloni looks amazingly similar to Katrina Kaif.

Wooo! Friends…

Wooo! Friends...

Can you even distinguish between Saloni and Katrina in this image above? The answer is probably NO!

Move to the next slide, to check Saloni’s hotness result which isn’t any way less than that of Katrina’s.

Right from those sweet lips

Right from those luscious lips...

 those appealing looks, Saloni is as attractive as the Bollywood actresses.

You will be shocked to check out Saloni’s pictures in the next slides.

Saloni Chopra…

Saloni Chopra...

Actor and Kat’s doppelganger is a blogger and an activist too.

Saloni is known for her bad ass attitude!

Saloni is known for her bad ass attitude!

And she is a self-confessed ‘bad feminist.’

She is quite familiar on Instagram…

She is quite popular on Instagram...

And is followed by more than 200K fans.

Along with with her unusual similarity to Kat…

Alongwith with her unusual resemblance to Kat...

…Saloni is also known for her outspoken approach.

Look at that pout guys…

Look at that pout guys...

…Isn’t it similar?



If ever Salman will look for a new leading lady, Saloni would easily fit the bill.

Oh my GOD!

Oh my my!

This mysterious similitude between Katrina and Saloni has left us amazed. What about you?

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