Away From All The Limelight, This Star Kid Is Carving Her Own Path

Believe it or not, we all follow celebrities and their children on social media, and frankly, “follow” would be a very polite word; we literally stalk them. We want to know everything about them, what they are doing and how their lifestyle is different from ours.

And we often see these actors making an appearance at an award show with their parents. But, today I am going to talk about a star kid who is in the limelight for doing something that has nothing to do with her parents’ name.

She is someone who made her parents proud and lives her life on her terms, just like you and me. I am talking about Bollywood’s famous actor Juhi Chawla’s daughter Jhanvi Mehta, who is a scholar.

Juhi and her family

Juhi and her family 

Juhi Chawla married industrialist Jay Mehta. The couple has been blessed with a daughter, Jhanvi, born in 2001 and son Arjun, who was born in 2003.

In an interview Juhi revealed that…

In an interview Juhi revealed that...

Juhi has kept her life very private but in an interview, she was quoted saying that Jhanvi wants to be a writer and will stay away from Bollywood. Despite being an actor’s daughter, Jhanvi has never been spotted with Juhi at any of the events.

Juhi and Jhanvi’s recent photographs

Juhi and Jhanvi's recent photographs

The mother-daughter duo was recently spotted at Mumbai airport. Aren’t they cute?

Jhanvi’s achievements

Jhanvi's achievements 

While on the one hand, Juhi keeps her daughter away from the glitz and glamour of silver screen, she never fails to acknowledge and appreciate her daughter’s hard work. Jhanvi was amongst the ten students in her school to have achieved 10 A’s and above in academics.

Jhanvi’s choice when it comes to Bollywood

Jhanvi's choice when it comes to Bollywood 

Jhanvi is no different from us and is a huge fan of Deepika Padukone and Varun Dhawan.

Juhi has always been a doting mother

Juhi has always been a doting mother 

After conceiving her first child, the actor soon disappeared from the mainstream screen to devote time and give proper attention to her children and their upbringing.

Juhi’s kids and their academics

Juhi's kids and their academics 

Both her kids started their education at Dhirubhai Ambani International School. They are currently in the UK and have enrolled in the prestigious boarding school Charter House in London.

Juhi is active on social media

Juhi is active on social media 

And she often shares pictures from family trips, outings and social gatherings.

Cover image source: InstagramMid Day. 

That’s all people. 

If you know about more such star kids who are making a difference, let us know in the comment section below. 

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