7 Genius Tricks to Prevent Salt From Clumping and Becoming Damp

Salt is a standout amongst the most fundamental fixings in your kitchen, yet it can be a puzzle. Excessively a lot of it or excessively less can thoroughly change the essence of your dish. Additionally, if not maneuvered carefully it can lose its embodiment effortlessly or tends to cluster up in the event that it is hit even with the most minor measure of dampness. This is basic particularly amid the sodden rainstorm season and furthermore on the off chance that you forget you salt jug in the open for a really long time. We have the best exhortation on the most proficient method to store salt to ensure it keeps going long and keep it from amassing.

1. Add Raw Rice Grains

While putting away it in a shaker, include a couple of grains of uncooked rice to maintain a strategic distance from salt from bunching. The rice grains are known to retain the dampness and keep the salt dry. This is thought to be a standout amongst the best traps that can even help in restoring sodden salt. Utilize long rice grains to keep them from dropping out of the shaker.

2. Soda Crackers

To shield salt from drawing dampness and solidifying into lumps, a few people put a pop wafer in the compartment. A pop saltine is thin and fresh roll made with white flour, yeast and heating pop. Ensure you change the wafers in 10-15 days.

3. Toothpicks

Trust it or not, toothpicks can help in keeping your salt dry. Try not to break them; simply put them as it in the salt holder. In spite of the fact that this may work, alternate techniques given above are more secure.

4. Coffee Beans

Much the same as rice grains, you can add few espresso beans to your salt. In case you’re pondering, salt does not pick the flavor from espresso beans and they’ll help in safeguarding the nature of salt.

5. Dried parsley Leaves

Make a bed of dried parsley leaves at the base topping off at any rate ¼ of the holder and after that include the salt over it. It not just imbues the salt with a crisp fragrance additionally keeps the hosing impact.

6. Cloves

In conclusion, you can put a few cloves in your salt jug. Much the same as parsley, cloves may inject a warm smell in your salt which runs well with all sort of dishes. Thus, you don’t need to stress.

7. Dried Beans

On the off chance that you are uncertain about espresso beans influencing the essence of salt, you can even utilize dried white beans or kidney beans. They won’t modify the taste and are hygroscopic which just implies that they can assimilate dampness from air.

It’s constantly better to store salt in impenetrable glass jug or utilize salt boxes or pigs made with wood or clay. These permit better wind current and keep the dampness out. Abstain from utilizing plastic or metal compartments as the chemicals from plastic can taint your salt and if there should be an occurrence of metal holders it can cause rusting and disintegration which can likewise influence the nature of salt.

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